Karen R.

My third child was coming fast and then something went wrong. I remembered I was really hungry and wanted to get it over with. Labor was very painful. I wished the lights they had over me were not so bright.

I came out of my body and was watching the doctors get very upset. One said, ‘We are losing her’ and one dropped something. I watched him seem very worried.

Then I rose up to the big windows through the lights they had on me and found my self laughing. I thought, ‘Gee I can see everywhere’ and then realized I had no head.

I just saw space and wondered what to do and thinking, ‘I’m not hungry anymore and the pain is gone!’

I saw something far away and it was strange, like someone lying in bed and hearing Mom doing something so I would know it was her. But I knew who it was. The person was coming closer and I could see a Person in Blue with lights all around him. I knew who it was. I could not see his face but I knew it was Christ Jesus, and he held out his arms to me to come to him. I knew what he wanted and said, ‘Please not now, I must stay with my children. There is no one else to care for them.’ His arms went down and I began to move back to my body.

A doctor was by my side and said, ‘We almost lost you. Can you remember what you saw?’ I told him. He was young and had a tear in his eyes. I found out 40 years later that he became Head of the hospital and had since passed away, but was loved by many. I was not a religious person and only went to church a couple times as a small child. I was poor and my kids became all I ever had and knew I had to do what I promised I would.