On the night of my experience, I was attacked by two strangers in a parkland, not far from home. My feeling was that I did not think it was possible to survive. My spirit body separated from the physical body and my consciousness floated up and up and up. At some point, while I was up there, I was met by a female figure. Her presence was the embodiment of pure love. The next thing I remember was descending gently downwards towards my physical body which was on the ground with the attack still in progress. As I drifted back down, I was aware of a silvery cord trailing downwards, stretching back and connecting to the physical body from where I was in my spirit body. The cord had an endless, relaxed quality to it and seemed to be able to stretch infinitely and retract easily. At that stage, I felt peaceful, calm and an acceptance as I was only witnessing, not experiencing what was happening to my physical body.

As a part of the experience, I asked about the nature of reality and why stuff like this happens. It was an urgent question, because I’d reached the limit of endurance to sustain emotional equilibrium regarding trauma, I absolutely could not go on without knowing the answer. I poured everything into it, my focus, my heart and soul, ‘Why did this happen to me? What caused it? Was it me? Was it because I was bad person?’ Up until then, I’d never truly considered the possibility of judging myself as a bad person.

Then as if overlaid on reality, I was presented with an image of a fractal. As the motion of the curves of the fractal moved inwards towards itself, I saw the faces of each of my friends embedded in various sections of the fractal, and then repeating. I received the understanding that the people we know are somehow attached to our beliefs and in a way – an external representation of our beliefs. I remember thinking, ‘Oh, this friend is the mother within me, and oh, that person is the child… ‘ and other aspects of self.

After the experience, I was immediately freed from the fear of death and emotional healing began. I focused on loving myself and looking at each one of my beliefs and teasing and untangling any repressed pain. It was slow and steady, until the day I became freed from any type of emotional pain. I’d also been given an inner connection to an intuitive mechanism which guides my spiritual evolution and within this context, I’ve experienced many spiritual transformative experiences and events, including communicating and visitations or merging with beings, such as Jesus, Mary, the Divine Mother and Aboriginal Ancestral Spirits.