Sara S.

When I was about to enter the house, I tripped and fell to the ground banging my knees. My father got a hold of me and made me stand up quickly. I felt a kind of buzzing in my ears and everything went dark. I could see myself fall on the floor with my mother trying to wake me up and my father shouting my name.

I felt myself travel at a tremendous speed through the walls of our house and those of neighbours houses. On arriving in the street, I was able to see a friend go by with his dog. I came to a park. Then, I felt myself travelling at high speed into nothingness. I felt I was empty and I shouted, ‘NOOOO!’ But just then I heard a voice reverberating and saying, ‘Go back.’

My mother said to me that they had just sat me down when I screamed at them to not let me go. I was frightened because I couldn’t feel myself breathing. They took me quickly from the house to hail a taxi and to take me to the hospital. When we turned the corner, I saw my friend dressed just as I had seen him and with his dog.

This experience was very frightening because I didn’t understand what had happened to me.