Melissa E.

I was going to work on my motorcycle, when I saw a car in front of me, at an intersection. But the drivers face was blocked by a telephone pole, I thought quickly, ‘What if?’ and the car pulled out in front of me. The driver’s mouth dropped.

Before I hit the car, I was down a tunnel falling, travelling at a great rate of speed. It was pink on the sides of the wall and it looked like it went on forever. Then I saw a light in the distance. There seemed to be a few people there. I didn’t have any fear, as there was such a longing to go back to such a peaceful place. The whole thing was very peaceful. Whoever it was there, they were happy to see me and I was overjoyed to see them. There was a main person in a flowing white robe who was greeting people. The next thing I remember is He touching me on the head and telling me I wasn’t ready yet. Then I was sucked back into my body and aware that the woman who pulled out in front of me was crying.

(I was able to see this tunnel again, when I had my first colonoscopy, years later.)

After this experience 36 years ago, it has been an interesting time. I didn’t know anything about NDEs until I saw a movie called ‘Revelation’ where a woman went over a cliff and still lived. I believe that I am alive for many reasons, but not least, I am here for my sons. They are here to save the world and my music changes peoples’ lives. I affect different people in different ways. I don’t know how or what, I just happen to be in the right place at the right time.