The experience happened in 1999 or 2000. I felt a severe impact on my right ribs, as I was hit from behind. First, I felt a severe pain but it only lasted for a short moment, maybe one second.

I entered a tunnel that was almost completely dark. I was travelling upward with a great speed when I came to a sudden stop. I found myself in a dark place. There was a middle-aged man there with white dress on who was standing some distance from me. His light was the only brightness in that dark space. He came towards me. When he got close, I felt he had a letter in his hand from which he was reading. When he finished the letter, he returned to me. I was back in the tunnel again. Then I saw my body that was lying on the ground and there were people around me. My viewpoint was from the room ceiling as I saw my body and the people who were around me. I could see them from behind. After a few moments, I entered my body and opened my eyes.

I now could see the face of the same people I had seen from behind. This scared me that my viewpoint shifted from the ceiling to the floor in one moment. I got up, opened the door, and went outside. My pain was gone.