Ali I.

It was winter time with heavy rain and wet streets. As I was busy fixing a power line in the street, I was suddenly hit with a 360 volt electric shock. I lost consciousness. Fortunately, my brother happened to be around and he pulled away the live wires from my hands. As I regained consciousness, I noticed my hands and face were covered with wounds and burns. My brother had saved my life and I went home, praising God with thanks.

As I drifted to sleep at night, I suddenly found myself out of my body. I was floating over the rooftop of the house, from where I could see inside our bedroom. I saw my wife was asleep and my body stretched by her side.

Suddenly, I began to swirl and, after a short time, I went into a tunnel of light. I felt I was travelling through that tunnel at an incredible speed. I was sure I had died. I felt it was the end and that this was a one-way trip.

Then, things changed abruptly and I found myself once again on the rooftop of my house. I looked at our bedroom and saw again my wife asleep and my body stretched by her side. I told myself, ‘Here I am, returning to my body!’ I woke up in the middle of the night and checked my limbs and face. I was there! Yes, it was I in flesh and blood! So, I wasn’t dead, was I?

Now that I was confident that I was still alive, I went back to sleep; and never mentioned this incident to anyone. However, it keeps haunting me and I feel sorry at returning to my body. I wish I had stayed in those lights forever. I keep asking myself, ‘Why have I come back? What are the reasons? Why haven’t I stayed T H E R E ??’ I find no answers to these questions. I feel sorry for this separation from where I was.