Patrick W.

While my wife who is the care taker for my mother in law attended to her in the bathroom approximately 10 feet away from the couch. I heard a distinct breathing sound to my left in the hallway leading to the bathroom. The sound was loud and regular raspy breathing in and out. It was exactly the same as the breathing sounds my Father In Law made before he passed away. The sound was not moving around it was approximately 3 feet from me and to my left. These sounds continued for a couple of minutes. Loud and clear. At first I was startled and a little afraid. But then after I made the connection in my mind to my Father in Law I asked him why he was still breathing like that and stated out loud ‘Is that your way of letting me know it’s you? You know you don’t have to do that. Thank you but you need to go with Jesus now daddy. We all love you and if you’ve come to check on Mom. We have her and we will always take care of her. Go with Jesus daddy. I love you.’