Caren J.

I was in the hospital for a cardiac catheterization procedure to determine if I have pulmonary hypertension. This was done under local anesthesia and there were no complications. I was to stay in the hospital for 2-3 hours to make sure there were no complications and then I would be released to go home. Everything went fine. I had a meal and about 3 hours later the nurse came in to say I was being discharged and I could get dressed and go home. Before getting dressed I told the nurse I needed to use the restroom. The nurse then took me around the corner. It was a short walk to the restroom and she stood outside while I went in. While in the restroom, I started getting lightheaded and I felt like I was going to pass out. I yelled for the nurse and told her what was going on, so she came in and started helping me back to my room. The last thing I remember was almost making it to my bed. My mother, who was waiting outside my room, told me that I passed out. She said that several nurses came over and hooked me up to a machine which gave my vital signs. My mother had to wait outside the room and all she could do was listen. She heard the nurses say my blood pressure was dropping and that they were losing me. They called a ‘code blue’ and brought in a crash cart. Apparently I had no vital signs for approximately 30 seconds, a very short time before I came back.

All I can recall is everything went black and then I saw a bright light. In the bright light, I saw Jesus sitting in a green lawn chair. He just looked at me and smiled. He looked just as I thought he would with the white robe and glowing light all around him. He didn’t say anything to me; he just smiled and then I woke up.

After the nurses left the room I told my mother that I saw Jesus. She asked me how I knew it was Jesus. I said, ‘I just knew.’ I told her that he was sitting in a green lawn chair. She replied, ‘If he was sitting, how did you know the lawn chair was green?’ I said again, ‘I just knew.’ I told her it was the kind of chair that grandpa had when he went fishing. After several days of thinking about this, I believe he was fishing with my grandpa, who has passed on, even though I didn’t actually see my grandpa.