It was Thanksgiving night and I was walking to a party. A car pull up along the side of me and a mask guy got out. The only thing I could see was his blue eyes as he put the gun to my head for about thirty seconds. I told him, ‘if you’re gonna shoot, go ahead. What you waiting for.’ Then all I see is the fire from the barrel of the gun. I didn’t feel my body hit the ground.

All I know was that I was back in front of my house standing on the porch. It was dark and so quiet. Never in my life had I seen and then heard a little girl’s voice from across the street. It was like she was in my head telling me, ‘Daddy let’s go home now. I said, ‘no.’ She said it again, ‘Daddy let’s go home.’ I said, ‘no’ again. She said, ‘Daddy let’s go home,’ for a third time. I replied, ‘No.

I was back in my body the guy was still standing above me and shooting me. He ran to the car and got in. He looked back at me. I could see it in his eyes as I was raising up looking back at him. He shot at me one more time and drove off. I believe someone divine was watching over me. The doctors couldn’t believe how the bullets were curving around my neck, missing my throat, spine, and head.