After being transported by ambulance to the hospital, the doctor left me sitting in the hallway for a long time. My husband was with me and wondered why it was taking them so long.

I was taken to a room and they inserted a syringe and tubing. What was in them, I do not know, but when I was transferred to the hospital, I had a blood glucose of around 5. That evening I had a near-death experience due to the fact that my blood sugar at that time was already 56. Laboratory results showed that my blood contained no minerals and that the blood density was almost like syrup. Overall, I had a heart attack three times, but only after the third time was I able to be revived; resuscitation lasted about five minutes, then my heartbeat “leaped back”. However, I was in a coma for nearly two weeks.

Actually, I enjoyed the fact that I saw everything. I remember that after I woke up from the coma, I met a lady whom I saw as a patient while I was outside my body. She began to relate to me what had gone wrong with me and what the doctors did to me, and I told her that I saw it all. She looked at me like I was crazy and told me that I could not see because I was resuscitated more than once, but I remember that, at that time, I was sitting on the header of a metal bed, but as if it were very high, and at one point, was even near the ceiling. I was looking over my feet, downward. During this whole scene, I saw all that happened in the room: doctors shouting over each other, and at nurses and I was observing all calmly and wondering why they acted in such a manner, as I was okay.

The odd thing is that I saw the limp body, the dead body but also the soul, when I was looking over my feet, downward. I was fascinated by everything around my dead body. I still did not understand.

I thought that the soul was a clear glass, but it was not.

I saw no dead ancestors or other faces, no lights or tunnels. I felt peace and tranquility, as if I were on a cloud. Then, I was told that it was not yet my time. My heart began to pound again and I was sucked back into the body.

After the coma, I realized that I had lost a lot of memories; some stages of my life, I quite forgot, but some more resurfaced. I always had a photographic memory, but that became even sharper. I never felt a fear of death, but was carrying around the grief at the death of my beloved grandparents. From this point on, I started taking death as a basic, natural fact in human life, and I’m better with it.

Finally, one more little thing… when I was 20, I visited my father’s guitar teacher. He told fortunes; it was in his family, he said. Everyone just knew how. He looked into my palm and told me that during my long life, I would die two times, but would come back. I had no reason not to believe. I remembered his words after it happened … since I know that everyone has their destiny in their hands. The second death has not yet happened, but, if it occurs, it is not of concern.