I was with my friends from taekwondo at the pool. We did a choreography for a video and dived into the water. I knew how to swim under the water, but not on the surface. After we were all in the pool, I tried to get out but couldn’t. And after a few seconds, I started to drown. Nobody helped me because they thought it was a joke, even the lifeguards. I fought to get out but I only got in more trouble. I swallowed water and fainted. I remember thinking, ‘That is all, that is all’ and accepting that I was going to die in that moment. There were no flashbacks, no pictures of my life, nothing.

Then, I was standing on a wheat field. It was daytime, cloudy, and the wind was blowing strong. There were no sounds. I felt the wheat moving and touching my body. I felt the wind in my body. I heard no sounds. I was not feeling anything else but I was standing in total and absolute peace. I was watching the field, looking at the sky, and seeing wheat moving. I was not waiting for anything, just observing the landscape. I didn’t walk forward or back.

After that I woke up in a terrible way. It was like being in a twister, everything was turning so fast that I couldn’t notice if there were faces, trees, or whatever may be. For me it was total chaos to come back. I tried to punch the lifeguards who saved my life. I didn’t know who I was, where I was, or even what I was. After a minute of trying to fight, I could perceive a known face who was the face of a friend. Then I remembered who I was. After seeing the pool, I remembered everything. It was frustrating to realize that I had come back.