Sandra M.

The entire experience occurred over about 5-10 seconds. I was walking into my bedroom, and suddenly felt someone behind me. Something about the feeling made me think of my mom. She lived in WI and was 1000 miles away. I turned around and there was her loving presence moving toward me. It gave the impression of being basically a cloud at face-level and not a body. I said ‘mom?’ out loud. I was startled, but not scared. It was clearly her, and the message was entirely of empathy, excitement, happiness and love. It seemed important. I didn’t see anything distinctly, but I felt her very strongly. I had an impression of her face, and she reminded me of the way she looked when I was growing up. She came right up to me, and then was gone. It was a peaceful feeling, and I didn’t call to check on her afterwards. I cataloged it in my head as something I couldn’t explain, but didn’t worry, because she was of course okay, she was my mom, and had been doing well. My husband and I went to a movie, and I found out the next day that she had passed away. I didn’t share my experience with my family, but I’ve promised myself that I will share the story if my brothers need reassurance of her well-being after death.