I knew what I was doing because I had been up all night. When I dropped off my daughter, she said to me, ‘Mommy, promise me that you’re not going to do something stupid.’ I replied, ‘I promise.’ Then I gave her a kiss and took my 3 year old son to his Childcare center and said goodbye to him.

I didn’t want to live anymore and I took pills to take my life. When the firefighters broke down my gates and door, I was looking down at myself seeing everyone trying to bring me back to life. I did feel peace as I can remember; I knew there was someone behind me. I heard the firefighters and the police speaking to a neighbor that made the call. My husband was out of town and had called him because he felt there was something wrong. They were asking the neighbor questions. He told them that he could see me through the bedroom window and that I wasn’t moving, so that is why he called 911. He answered, ’Yes, she has 3 children. One is in Chicago, one is in grammar school, and the other is in a child care center.’ Anyhow I saw from up above, the police was taking notes on where my children went to school. When the lady officer said to the other one, ‘We have to call Children and Family services to pick up the kids and have them go to foster home center.’ I remember turning back and begging for my life. I had realized I had made a mistake.

The next thing I remembered was being in a hospital bed with tubes. I thank The Lord every day for giving me another chance. I wasn’t thinking right and I knew I had to come back. I do believe in an afterlife experience. This is the first time I share this, because I am afraid that people will look at me differently if you share this with them. I don’t want them to say they don’t believe me.

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