One night I had a dream that my father was sitting in a purple flowered love sofa in a white room no one around just me and him. I was standing next to the right armrest having such a nice conversation.. He looked younger he had his favorite cowboy red stripe shirt and ray bans on. I remember him smiling and nodding his head but for some reason when I woke up I couldn’t remember the conversation I had with him. That morning I got up got ready for work confused and mad that I couldn’t remember our conversation why would he be nodding his head? My husband usually goes to bed way after I do and wakes up later. I was at work trying to remember everything about that conversation but I couldn’t. Then my husband calls to see if everything was ok and I said yes he then said you were acting strange last night. He then continue to say that I kept on saying ” please take me with you” take me to that place ” then my husband said he was trying to ask me where do you want me to take you? I kept on saying ” ok I’ll do my work here and then when I’m done with it, will you come for me? And he said I had a huge smile that just scared him.

I then understood the dream I couldn’t remember because he probably told me what I had to do here on earth and the nodding of the head must have been him saying he couldn’t take me now. It’s been 2 yrs since he is not here and I miss him dearly.. I am comforted by his visitations and signs. Can’t wait to see him again.