I was preparing for a literature exam at the end of June. It was Ramadan, which is an Islamic holy month. I was fasting and after the adhan, which is an Islamic call to prayer, and a bit of studying, I went out to go to art school. I found out that I didn’t have money with me to pay for taxi, so I returned home. When climbing the stairs, my shoelace went under my feet. I fell on my face on a broken stair’s edge. I hit so hard that I couldn’t control myself after that and so I fell again. I climbed the stairs with my bloody nose and my mom was shocked to see me in this state with blood on my face. While washing my face, I felt dizzy and lost consciousness.

First, I heard a sharp sound. Then, I was travelling through a tunnel with light passing over my head. The light was kindness and I was moving at an unimaginable speed through the tunnel. After a while, I stopped while in the tunnel. A very gentle and kind voice told me to go back. I travelled back with the same speed.

I opened my eyes and saw my family crying and screaming around me.

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