In Iranian culture with the start of spring, people start to celebrate. For 15 days, most institutions are closed for holidays. As such, I was staying home too. I was spending my time by watching TV and doing other relaxing things.

One night, while I was lying down and looking at the ceiling, I felt my spirit coming out of my body. I continuously told myself that this is just my mind imagining this sensation, so I tried to stop thinking. I told myself it must be fatigue.

I always loved God, and I would always tell him my problems and things that made me sad. I felt very close to him and I still do. Maybe that’s because when I was only one year old, my mother died and I had no one to which to talk. So the only person who gave me peace was talking to God.

That night I slept. In my sleep, I was moving at a very high speed in a tunnel full of light. The sensation was so beautiful that I feel incapable of describing it to you. It was as if there was no burden whatsoever on me. I felt light; it was truly a good feeling. I was moving in the tunnel very fast. I felt good and full of happiness.

Suddenly, I reached a part of the tunnel where there was a lady. I did not see her, it just felt as if the being was a lady. I did not hear a voice and did not see anyone. Maybe it was a telepathic understanding. I was told that if I pass this point, I won’t be able to return. But that feeling of lightness and happiness was so pleasant that I didn’t mind moving on. I was told again, ‘If you go you cannot ever see your father and brother.’ It was as if she wanted to change my mind no matter what. I thought for a moment that my father will feel devastated without me. I remember that she told me, ‘They will really suffer without you.’

Now that I think about it, I feel the lady was my mother who prevented me from going further. I don’t remember anything else until I woke up with the ringing of the phone. I couldn’t believe it was 2 pm and I was so tired that I couldn’t come out of the bed. At first I didn’t take the event too seriously and thought perhaps it was a dream.

I should also note that very often I dream of events that are to occur in following days and can sense them. Around the time of passing away of people who are close to me, I start to feel differently. For example, at the time of my grandfather’s death, all the relatives had gathered in a small city in the North. Everyone was happy and rejoicing. But I was sitting in one of the rooms crying and begging God to not do it; without knowing what had happened to whom. Then at night the news came that my grandfather had passed away. At the time of my grandmother’s passing, I could hear voices that I will never forget.

At any rate, I didn’t take the tunnel dream seriously, and I thought it was just a dream. But I loved the good feeling I had experienced. One day I told my friend about it. She told me that she had been reading about this type of thing and that this was not a dream, it was real. She also said she is worried because this is dangerous and I can possibly go again. I was always afraid of death but after that experience I feel good about leaving. But I am worried about what awaits the world and humans.

At the end of September, I had a dream. I was really concerned given my track record of my previous dreams. I dreamt the world is dark, and whomever I could see was either addicted or was killing someone. Everywhere was filled with fear and horror. Then suddenly I saw the sky became beautifully lit with light, it seemed as if God was very happy. I asked, ‘What is happening?’ A voice from the sky said, ‘Today one who will save the world from injustice and cruelty was born; and today, everyone, even God, is happy’. I thought to myself how old I will be twenty years from now? From that day on, my mind is constantly occupied with the thought of what that dream meant.

I think the world has entered a new era, and we are getting close to the end of the world. How great it would be if there was love and kindness everywhere, and people would not get so evil now or in the future. This narrative got too long, but I wished to write these experiences here.

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