I was 7 years old. My two older brothers and I went to the dock near our house. Then we jumped into the water. I could not swim so my brothers gave me a Clorox bottle with a lid on it so that I could float. I paddled around awhile with the plastic bottle in hand. Then I saw a ski in the water so I grabbed it and let go of the Clorox bottle. The ski sank along with me and I was drowning.

I left my body. As I was ascending, I saw a binder come in front of me with big metal rings on it. The binder had many pages that turned in front of my eyes. I saw everything that I had ever done wrong. As innocent as I may have been at 7 years old, I had obviously done many things that were not acceptable, like cursing or kicking an animal. The pages on that binder turned so fast it was hard to imagine how my brain was processing all that information. But somehow I knew every item that I was being judged for and I felt so bad for what I done. Then I flew very quickly through a wormhole-like cloud to a grayish cloud like a slowly spinning tunnel with large soft grayish looking clouds padding the inside of the spiral tunnel formation. There I was alone at the base of the tunnel and I could see a light at the end of the tunnel. I also saw what I thought was a female form that looked like my Aunt who had passed away. She was inside the tunnel turning away from me and floated away towards the light. I was very frightened and very, very aware of my surroundings. I was suddenly and very quickly pushed backwards by some unseen force.

I woke-up at the beach being worked on by my brothers who were pushing the water out of my lungs. I was always aware after that experience that there’s a life after death because I saw things that are very hard to explain especially the binder and the quick trip to the tunnel and the other worldly experience. I definitely saw the tunnel and the binder and was shown some things that changed my life.