Before the accident, I was visiting my friends, and a young man, that I liked, at his aunt’s house. He had picked me up with his motorcycle and he and his friend where riding on an outing with myself and another girl. We spent some time at the aunt’s home, and late at night, we left to take me home. It was about 1:00 am. I lived very far away. We were riding down the long driveway. I heard a voice and it told me to lay my head on my friend’s back. So I did, the next thing I was aware of was flying through the air. I flew 92 feet and hit the pavement on my head. I bounced and went another five feet and hit again. I rolled and stopped on my back. I had my eyes open and I could see the moon and the North Star. I then left my body and went into a tunnel of very bright light. It was very peaceful, a feeling of ecstasy, peace love and belonging. I saw different levels or scenes of, time, I am not sure, it was like glimpses of time. I was given natural knowledge of things I was not taught on earth. I came to a place, it was a place of energy, and I was met by my maternal grandfather. He greeted me, and there were others that I knew. They were all energy, all of them, they had no physical bodies but I knew them, recognized them, each one. A huge energy swept around us. I believed this to be God. He told me I had to go back. He told me I would experience great pain but I would come through it, I knew He would take care of me there. I immediately went back down, in fraction of an instant. I went back into my body through my eyes. I felt immense pain.