Flynn B.

fter having been exposed to the Catholic Church’s moral tradition and what I felt were false teachings, I became confused about all things about my life. There were other negative influences in my life at the time and life became too much for me to handle. I wrote a note that I was leaving this earth, orally took an overdose of pills. I lay down in my bed and waited to see what was going to happen.

I wanted to see my relatives whom I loved. I remember that I felt like I was physically moving up and/or down in direction as grave headstones flashed by me. I couldn’t make out the names on the headstones. Before I knew it, I was sitting on a bench in the park. My surroundings were dimly lit and not of this earth. It was beautifully quiet.

Then I noticed an older man sitting next to me. I got the impression that we were the only two there. He was not old in an age sense, but he was an elder. I got a great feeling from this man. Then I saw us from a different viewpoint. I saw us sitting on the same bench, but I was standing behind the bench at a distance. He asked me what was wrong and why I was there. I told him some personal information, including the name of a male individual. He told me that they knew who this man was. After I told him what was bothering me, he told me that I was perfectly all right, and there was something about the man next to me that caused me to know it was true. There was nothing wrong with me. He was so understanding and otherworldly, beautiful in the most practical sense. I agreed to something, probably to live my life new, and I jolted up in the bed.

I stumbled out of my room, made it down the stairway, and half-falling as I hit the living room door. My sister told my mother that I had overdosed myself. They called an ambulance. I was taken to one of the local hospitals and kept for psychiatric observation for a period of time. I was released and saw life in a whole new way.

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