Susan F.

Experience #1 – Suffocated in the snow.

Prior to the event, my mom agreed to let us go out after nap time ended, to play in the snow. I was happy to do it because being self-absorbed in playtime is something two and three year olds love to do! So mom got us dressed and off we went into the snowy front yard of our home in Illinois. My brother built a ‘snow tunnel’ and we got inside. Everything was okay for a while. Then, my brother exited the snow tunnel to go play outside the tunnel. While I was in the tunnel, unexpectedly, the snow caved in on me. I immediately remember doing a face-plant into the snow and stopped breathing. That’s when I felt my spirit come out of my physical body. I went to an unearthly place that felt very loving. I was only out of my body for a few seconds and the beings of light there said I had to go back. The next thing I remember is my brother wiping the snow off my face and him waiting several seconds and then I was breathing again. I felt angry at having to come back into my body.

Experience #2 – Electrocution

Electrocuted myself later during the summer when I was two-years-old. I remember crawling around in my diaper. I don’t remember what time it was. It was still 1954. My parents had purchased a big black and white console television set. I was watching a crude cartoon of a man expressing happiness. He got into a delivery truck, inserted a key into the truck’s ignition and drove off. As he was driving, he was singing and demonstrating a joyful time driving his truck. That looked like a good idea to me. I looked around on the carpet, where I was searching for something like I key. Then, I looked for something to stick it into. The closest thing available was an electrical outlet. I remember finding a bobby pin and sticking it into the electrical outlet.

The next thing that happened was that electricity knocked my spirit out of my physical body. Again, I found myself in an unearthly but very pleasant feeling place with some very loving beings. They once again said, ‘Sorry, it’s not your time yet. You’ve gotta go back.’ The next thing I remember is being back in my physical body, crying with a little bit of black on the bottom of my feet and hands. Again, I felt angry I had to come back. I wanted to stay with the loving light beings. Experience #3 – Spirit Spontaneously Came out of my Physical Body

In 2011 I fell asleep in a hotel room. I was rooming with another hypnotist at a huge convention in Marlborough, Massachusetts. It was the evening before I was to do a presentation on the crossing over process. I was sharing one of my client’s events. This is a huge annual convention that attracts typically between 1200 and 1500 professional clinical hypnotists. Anyway, I spontaneously felt my body coming out of my body while I was sleeping. My roommate was Dr. Janice who is both, a friend and colleague. She was awake reading.

As I felt my body slipping out of my physical body, I saw my dad, my son and some other friends who had already completed their earth journey. I could not speak using my physical body. I feel a little bit confused about why I couldn’t talk. I think I was stuck in between the earthly and heavenly dimensions. I felt my physical body sit up on the edge of my bed. Janice saw that I was upset. I was crying and having a one-way conversation in my mind with Dad and Jason who was my son who completed his earth journey at age twelve of a rare birth disorder. I felt hopeful that I was finally done with my earth journey. They were pushing my spirit on the head and saying, ‘Get back in your body! Stay! Stay!’ But I wanted to be done.

Then, I started to cry and was finally able to talk. I couldn’t open my eyes for some reason. I started carrying on a one-way conversation with my spiritual entourage and Janice could now hear me. I was arguing that I wanted to ‘come home.’ She reached out and held my hand in a consoling, loving manner. She couldn’t see what I saw but she is a very compassionate, caring person and was there trying to support me. I finally allowed my Dad to persuade me to stay longer on earth though I felt regret. I was like an obedient child to his persuasion. It was like he KNEW there was something really great in my future but didn’t say it. Eventually, my spirit friends and family evaporated.

I never did open my eyes during the entire event. I never spoke directly to Janice. I did use a tissue and wipe my eyes and blow my nose because I was crying about having to stay and I missed my Dad and son so much. I saw a deceased pet there. I also saw some friends of the family who had crossed over, too. I missed them all. So, after I blew my nose and wiped my tears, I silently lay back down on my bed and went back to sleep, never saying anything to Janice. In the morning, Janice never said a word.

We got up and prepared for the day. I was getting ready to do my presentation the morning after the NDE event. I was almost headed out the hotel room and turned around and spoke to Janice who is from the UK. I said, ‘It would have been kind of inconvenient if I had died last night.’ She responded with her usual polite, English and Canadian manner, ‘Yes, Susan, it would have been quite untidy!’ We both laughed and I left the hotel room to head to my presentation which was being videotaped. We occasionally talk about this NDE at times and laugh over her remark as I was heading out the door. I had already been doing palliative care with people, teaching them how the crossing over event is and also explained NDEs to students. I think I’ve covered all the details of all three experiences here.

I have always been clairaudient, Clair-cognizant, clairsentient and clairvoyant. When I was little I would see angels and just assumed everyone sees them. But as I began to age, I discovered that only a small percentage of the population has the spiritual or metaphysical abilities I have. Now with my clients I do what I call readings and clearings, bring messages from their deceased loved ones and tell them what their energy fields are saying. It’s all just a normal part of life for me. Nobody has EVER, my entire life looked solid to me. They look energetic. That’s just the best way I can describe it.

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