My experience happened when I was 25 years old in 1975. I was in the peak of health, and certainly not looking for any particular religious confirmation or death like experience. I have always thought it was important that this experience occurred BEFORE I had ever heard of NDE, nor read or heard anyone else’s account.

I was having some dental work done at the University College of Dentistry, and I do not know what happened at that point.

I sensed that I was in a black void, probably confined in a large clear tunnel, moving very slowly along as one would in outer space weightlessness. I sensed there were others along with me in some sense, but did not see or communicate with them. At the extreme end of the tunnel, or far down the tunnel, was an extremely bright light. I felt like I was moving toward it. It was like the light of a train, maybe from miles away. I felt drawn toward it and wanted to go to the light.

I momentarily felt that I was looking down on the earth, as it might seem at night from the Space Shuttle. I saw lights of cities or homes. The feelings I had were the most intense part of the experience: overpowering love, peace, and harmony. I know of no words to convey the emotion, except perhaps how a baby feels when held in its mother’s arms. I wanted to go to the light because it seemed to be the source of the peace and love. But I did not get there or move much closer to it. As I recall, the next thing I remember is being slapped around by the dentist and being back in the dental chair. I did not see or talk to any beings, people or deceased beings. I think I was ‘going there’, but did not make it.

After the experience, I felt that the experience was real, profound, important, and ‘something I am going to remember,’ which I do, to this day.