Omar R.

I want to explain that I had travelled to a region 1000 Km from my city of Buenos Aires, in Argentina. I went with a diagnosis of bronchial asthma, it was having problems breathing that was giving me high blood pressure (Hypertension) when I was only 25. They put me in the care of Sanatorio Nosiglia in Ciudad de Posadas. Later when I couldn’t hardly breathe, they sent me to UTI (ICU). I remember very well to this day because the doctors told me to remain calm. I thought that this was an almost impossible thing and I knew it was not good. My wife, family, and others knew what was happening to me. They gave me typical broncho-dilators, oxygen, and medication to lower my blood pressure. The doctors kept saying to relax, which wasn’t always easy. They gave me some paper to write my address, family telephone, which I couldn’t as I was shaking so much. Then they gave me what looked like electrical wires, which I can’t describe, I couldn’t write anything. I started to relate, in my hospital bed, and they again told me I had to calm down. I started to tell my story; I tried to find a way of meditating. I couldn’t. They were running with me and another patient who was a doctor. We were the same, us two, very ill.

At a determined moment, I felt as if I was no longer in bed. It was as if I was in the air, although I could still hear the doctors. They were talking about whether the doctor was unconscious. They said they had already given him ‘two shots of adrenaline’, another said to him they intended to give one more, ‘we will try once more’. They were speaking of the medical doctor/patient, who had died; they put him on the respirator until the parents arrived. I continued listening from above.

Suddenly, I started to see a bright white light, every moment brighter, as if I had travelled towards it very rapidly. I felt one with the light, as if I were part of the white energy, very bright like the white light of energy-saving lamps. I was part of this LIGHT; I was deep PEACE, so much peace and light.

This is all I remember, up to when I came back to the hospital bed, to the doctors and nurses. I hope that my experience helps someone. I swear to them on the most precious of my life, I am not lying, it’s what touched my life, and from that moment I was calm and peaceful. For me it was my loved ones that made me return, feeling calm and I know they will also be embraced in a beautiful way.

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