Reese J.

At the age of 15 months old, I was left unattended by my parents. I made my way out to the family pool and fell into it. It is unknown the exact length of time I was in the pool.

What I remember most vividly is an overwhelming feeling of peace, joy, and elation. Everything just felt wholly GOOD; yet the word ‘good’ fails epically in describing the feeling. I was with a man in a long flowing white gown. He had yellow hair (not blonde, yellow) and he glowed. I remember feeling frightened and he was trying to soothe me. He kept telling me I was going to be ok.

I struggled to describe it as a child. As an adult, I think my fear stemmed not from dying, but from having to come back. I believe the man was trying to convince me that I had to go back; that I couldn’t stay with him. The experience was not so much particular visions, but I remember the feelings, the colors, and the brightness of everything. It’s impossible to describe.

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