Sandra J.

I found myself in a dark room. I was moving but not walking. I began to see pictures of people in my life, like in a slide show. Click, click, next picture. I saw my friend’s faces, my family, and then I saw my kid’s faces. I made myself stop moving. I suddenly became aware of my situation. I saw ahead of me, a white light that was so bright. I remember thinking, ‘Oh no! I can’t go there, that will be the end of my life. My energy, my life force will leave me. I need to get back to my kids’. I realized I was in this dark hallway or tunnel that lacked walls.

Then I saw hands, hundreds of hands and arms reaching for me trying to touch me or grab me. I was now aware I had arms and legs again. I tucked my arms into my chest so they couldn’t reach me. I was scared. ‘Why did they want me?’ I thought. ‘I need to get back, but how?’ I concentrated trying to use my senses to find a way back. I searched for something onto which I could mentally grab. Then I heard something like a voice. I thought, ‘I need to concentrate on that sound, what was that sound?’ I tried so hard to hear it again, but it was so far away. ‘What was it saying?’ Then I heard buzzing like a thousand bees buzzing at the same time. It was drowning out the sound and voice. But I kept concentrating and then I heard the sound clear as day, ‘SANDY!’ It was my name being called.

I immediately became conscious, sat straight up and threw up all over the kitchen floor.

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