One evening when going back to my room, I got a pain in my chest and fainted. I immediately left my body, seeing my double on the bed. I was propelled towards the sky. I found myself crossing a black tunnel, but the tunnel was not made of matter. It is difficult to describe; there was a sound or a kind of music the whole time of crossing. I saw an intense light at the end of the tunnel. The light was not aggressive. It was a good light, of which I had absolutely no fear. I was aware of this goodness, of this very restful state. As I approached the end of the tunnel, I saw a silhouette. As I got about two or three meters from the silhouette, it lifted its arm and pointed its finger towards the other end of the tunnel, from where I had come. I found myself projected with the speed of light, if I can say so, into my body. The first breath was horrible, as if my lungs would be burning. I think it’s like the first breath of a newborn. It took me time to talk about it; until several years later, after reading books, especially the book of Dr. Moody. I since then talk more freely about my experience.