Kantor R.

During the use of improperly connected machinery, I received from the left hand to the right hand an electrical charge of 380 volts.

I was aware of everything but I could not call for help. I could not breathe or let it go. I saw all around my body was a clear blue shining link. The electrical current twisted me. I suppose by my own weight, I was pulled away from the operating machinery. I realized that this is the end for me but I was calm and otherwise relaxed. My entire life passed through my mind. It was like I saw my entire life at once in one picture. I saw small details such as what I was wearing as a little boy and even a button. I saw my family, mainly my mother. I was completely calm and said to myself that I had not lived very long; but then I realized that my mother would really be terribly hurt. From above, I saw myself as I was lying on the ground beside me were fellow workers. They were doing something with me and I heard them say that I probably have epilepsy. I said to myself, in my soul, for them to leave me and that I am fine. Slowly behind me, I was rising to the ceiling where I felt the strong light and warmth. Although I was in the workshop where there was a lot of noise, I did not hear anything. It was quiet. I had a very strong feeling of well-being, calmness and peace, it was beautiful for me.

Then I remember how I came back to consciousness. I was outside in front of the workshop, where the ambulance was and how terribly I was breathing and my heart was racing.

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