Larisa N.

his happened when I was under general anesthesia for a cesarean section while giving birth to my son.

After ‘blacking out,’ I suddenly awoke in a tunnel. The tunnel was rotating and was giving off a metallic clanking sound for each rotation. The walls of the tunnel were light gray, probably even a pearl color. It was divided into sections by round ‘ribs’ of a darker color. In the tunnel it was not dark, but at the end of the tunnel there was a round exit, beyond which a brighter white light could be seen. I didn’t float anywhere but stayed in place.

There were geometrical figures, mostly spheres, passing around me and going off into the distance. I thought, ‘Where am I?’ and ‘Who am I?’ I could not at all remember who I was; I didn’t even remember that I was a person! The next question was ‘What am I?’ But I didn’t see that I had a body because there wasn’t any body! But I was thinking, which meant that I was alive. I started to slowly move deeper into the tunnel to where the spheres were going.

How interestingly everything was arranged here. I understood that life is arranged in the same way. My thoughts were very rapid and ‘crystal-clear.’ I felt as if I knew everything. I was able to receive an answer to any question that I had. Then I heard a voice that said, ‘Well, is that enough?’ ‘But she’s thrashing about,’ another voice objected. And with tremendous speed I was pulled back into my body and I woke up.