As someone who grew up in a city, I didn’t know nature. I had been to the beach a maximum of five times in my life. When my friends and I went to the beach, neither of us knew that the very light rain that fell at night would make the sea level rise in the morning. We just waited for the rain to stop and we went into the sea. I’m very short and took a maximum of 15 steps. Out of nowhere, wave after wave started hitting me. I was so scared, that I tried to go back to shore. I then realized I’ve been already pulled to the sea and the shore was really distant from me. Then those waves started coming back. In seconds, 2 meters of water or more was above me. I remember being very calm. All of the sudden and I looked up. I saw light. Now, I don’t know if it was the spiritual plane or the sun. I was a smoker and was already short of breath and was trying to hold it.

I was still being pulled deeper and deeper into the ocean but this alien calm came over me. I wasn’t suffering or suffocating. My ‘guardian angel’ was at my right. I knew this but couldn’t see him. He introduced himself to me earlier. He talked to me telepathically and I could hear him with no other sound. He said I’ve done much good in my life and I could go. Because of that reason and that I wouldn’t suffer, they’d put me to ‘sleep’ before I felt anything. He also said I accomplished my mission but that my life force was diminishing. If I stayed, things would be an effort and become very hard.

My mother is a past life enemy and we are reconciling. My life passed in front of me and I saw that she hadn’t forgiven me yet, so I decided to stay and try. He actually insisted, ‘Are you sure?’ seeming very doubtful. I decided that’s the only time I’d try again. I was already exhausted and he left. When he left, the sound came back and I felt the water and everything, but still I was calm. One of my friends, who was tall, found me and grabbed me my hand. She told me later that she just dove her hand in the water blindly and that it was a miracle she found me at her first attempt. There was one girl still on the shore who didn’t dive with us. She said it’s impossible that I was alive because she was sure I was under water for ten minutes.