Santo V.

I was involved in a street accident using a scooter. By an inch, my head did not clash against an iron tube because I was wearing no helmet. A woman was driving and I was sitting in the backseat. My leg got trapped between the scooter and a car. As I stood up, my leg bent and I realized I had an exposed fracture. It was very painful. At the hospital, I saw a person, like a vision. She looked like the Virgin Mary, surrounded by a white light. As she got closer and closer to me, I saw myself as a child, as if that were a movie, and then I saw myself as a teenager and as an adult, with friends and with women. Chronologically, the first thing I saw was something that I should have seen last. I saw myself with a woman in a garden. Then my soul was lifted from the body and I came back to it. I only remember that it seemed to be a very normal thing. It was something so normal, even more so than eating, sleeping, or even breathing.