Sometimes an experience can be so intense and so profound that it changes your entire life. My life-changing experience happened when I was ten years old. My family of five lived in a tri-level home at the end of a court in suburbia. I was a very shy child who was deathly afraid of the … Read more


I was 8.5 months pregnant and suddenly developed toxemia poisoning. This was my 5th pregnancy, but only second birth. I had lost 3 other babies. I had a 5 year-old-son of my own and a 2-year-old that we had adopted as a baby when I kept miscarrying. I was rushed to a hospital emergency room … Read more


I knew I was dying and there was nothing to stop it. My lungs were filling with blood and I knew I was drowning. I began reciting Psalms with no clue how I knew the verses I was reciting. Then I said the Lord’s prayer and asked forgiveness. I asked my dad to help me … Read more


When I was 19, I found out that my girlfriend was cheating on me with one of my best friends. So I washed down several bottles of drugs with a bottle of rum. My mom called an ambulance and I went to the hospital. Before I got there, I was out. I normally got an … Read more


In a nutshell, I overdosed on a drug I thought was thc, but was actually PCP cut with rat poison. I was at a party I threw for my friends because I intended to leave town and try to heal myself from what I found out later to be clinical depression. I asked God for … Read more


During the car accident, I can remember feeling and sensing my body rolling with the car. I remember flying through the air and landing softly on the ground. The whole time I felt like I was watching a movie. After I landed on the ground, I remember thinking that I should scream, so I screamed … Read more


‚ÄčI was in the hospital with an ectopic pregnancy. I was bleeding internally, and signs of blood poisoning were present. On the way to the operating room, after having an injection to settle me down, I ask for a Pastor, but was turned down. But it was all right, because I had made up my … Read more


It was toward the end of the dry season, and my platoon was pulling out. Our mission was simple: drive down the road, show the flag, and make sure that we still had the right-of-way. The two slowly moving tracks (armored personnel carriers) in front of mine were already kicking up the pulverized dirt road … Read more


My first near death experience was at age 45 in 1995. I suffered a massive heart attack and subsequently had a triple by-pass. After I came to after the operation, I had a distinct memory of moving to another dimension or place if you will. For several months I thought this memory was caused by … Read more

Ronald M.

I worked an hour away from home and was driving home in a snow storm at about 3:00 a.m. I was very nervous and my chest was hurting really badly. I remember praying to God, ‘Please lord let me make it home.’ I kept praying. About half way home, my chest suddenly stopped hurting. About … Read more