Cindy J.

Extreme fear before losing consciousness. Then slowly faded to black. Then I was jolted awake and was moving down tunnel very fast. The noise in the tunnel very loud. I was moving down the tunnel toward white light. I was passing through a membrane or curtain into white light and at same time felt myself disintegrate into atoms or particles Read More →

Jennifer W.

I had undergone stabilization surgery for my unusually severe scoliosis and for a spinal fusion. I spent 13 hours in the operating room and I was told that I had been admitted to my own room for about 3 hours. The nurses were monitoring me as I woke from the anesthesia. After about 10 minutes, I told the nurse that Read More →

Joe H.

Bam! ‘That had to be a plane,’ I thought to myself. Nothing else could possibly be moving that fast. The force of the impact had snapped the drivers seat off and I felt the car being catapulted forward. That in itself was alarming. I had been traveling north on I-75 just north of Atlanta, GA and had just been readying Read More →

Joanne L.

I remember my eyes bouncing and I felt decidedly faint. I saw the nurse’s face when she placed the monitor on me and couldn’t get the babies heartbeat. I knew something wasn’t right. I sort of remember the feeling like something warm enveloped my being as I lost consciousness. I felt so calm and peaceful; more peaceful than any words Read More →

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