Sharon D.

It was the beginning of the Christmas holiday where I worked. I had not been feeling well for quite sometime, but thought it was just the holiday rush. I went to my best friends house for a Christmas party, but left early because I was feeling worse. I began vomiting uncontrollably on December 24th and … Read more

Susan D.

I went into a space where there was a huge castle made of golden-yellow light. There where thousands of little lights dancing around the castle, while joyfully singing very loudly. I knew that they were souls. They were celebrating their salvation and were worshipping a Being inside the castle, whom I now know was Jesus. … Read more

Michelle B.

It was a humid summer’s day and the sky was gray. It was like any regular day, except my twin sister was not with me. My two older sisters and I went to an inlet on the Missouri River to swim. The inlet had tree limbs and my sisters could touch the bottom with their … Read more


I was 7 months pregnant, a gemellary pregnancy, when I was diagnosed with a severe preeclampsia (proteinuria 12g/24h). So I was hospitalized. Two days later, at 32 weeks of amenorrhea, I had to undergo an urgent Cesarean. Due to a fibroid, I had a massive hemorrhage of delivery (transfusion of 6CG and 6PFC plus filling … Read more

Bart R.

I have done landings like this thousands of times without any injury. But the sun apparently hid the wires, or at least I had no idea the wires were there. Had I been flying ten inches higher, this would have been a typical landing. I didn’t see the wires and never felt the crash. My … Read more

Jolie B.

I was at home. I felt like I had a bad case of heart burn, but it seemed more painful than any heart burn I had ever had before. The heartburn finally stopped and I went to bed for about four hours. When I woke up, the pain in my chest returned but was much … Read more