Conni J.

I had given birth to my second child, my daughter, about an hour prior to my experience. I had lost consciousness and my blood pressure fell dangerously low. My experience was brief. I found myself in a dark space and my peripheral vision was expanded. The space was intensely quiet and peaceful and completely void of color. I sensed, and Read More →

Sebastian X.

First thing I remember is traveling through a dark tunnel that seemed it would go on for eternity. The darkness was so heavy it was like tar, like a void, complete lack of creativity; the Great Nothing in Never Ending Story, a space of indifference. Finally the dark tunnel ended and I was floating over my body. Looking back, that Read More →

Jeanne Z.

The year I turned twenty-five, I gave birth to my daughter on December 30, 1969. The following week, I completely hemorrhaged out and had a near-death experience. This phrase was not even in existence at the time of my experience. Raymond Moody would write the first book on the subject ‘Life after Death’ in 1975 and coin the term, ‘Near Read More →


At the age of 2, I told my mother how I came onto earth. I still can remember today: I was a little ball of brilliant blue light, about 5 cm in diameter. Dawn just came and it was snowing. Below a streetlamp I stopped and looked up, even though I could see 360° around. For a long time, mesmerized, Read More →

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