Rev. Dr. Robert Joy

I was having a heart attack after shoveling snow. My wife drove me to the hospital. The doctor said I was having ‘a really good heart attack’ not long before I blacked out at the time of my arrest. There was a brief darkness, a sensation of going through a dark void of some sort then I was in another Read More →

Flynn B.

fter having been exposed to the Catholic Church’s moral tradition and what I felt were false teachings, I became confused about all things about my life. There were other negative influences in my life at the time and life became too much for me to handle. I wrote a note that I was leaving this earth, orally took an overdose Read More →

Susan F.

Experience #1 – Suffocated in the snow. Prior to the event, my mom agreed to let us go out after nap time ended, to play in the snow. I was happy to do it because being self-absorbed in playtime is something two and three year olds love to do! So mom got us dressed and off we went into the Read More →

Sue Ann

In the ambulance, I remember telling the emergency medical technician (EMT) while on the way to the hospital, that ‘I’m dying; I can feel that I’m going.’ She yelled, ‘no, no, no, you’re not! Stay with me!’ I even heard the machine I was connected start beeping as I flat-lined. The next thing I know, I’m in a bright light Read More →

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